How to integrate Matlab model in an app designed in android studio?

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Can we design matlab model in android studio?
For example: The user interface is designed in android studio and we want to add the gender detection by face model of matlab to be working through android studio.
Working would be like ths:
We will be capturing photo from android app built in adnroid Studio and the functioning of matlab will tell if the gender is either male or female. How can i perform this? Please reply as soon as possible.

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Sutanu Maiti
Sutanu Maiti on 12 May 2021
You can do image processing, Video processing, Audio processing, machine learning all from Simulink (without writing single lines of code in Android Studio). And that Simulink model will run as a stand alone application on your phone.
You may follow the below page to get an idea about Simulink Support package for Android Devices:
(please watch the video on that page)
Also you may refer these application examples from the same support package:
Deep Learning:
Machine LEarning:

Andrea Daou
Andrea Daou on 20 Oct 2021
Edited: Andrea Daou on 20 Oct 2021
Are you working with CNN deep learning image classification models? If yes, you can convert your trained MATLAB CNN model which is a .mat file to .onnx model using, more specifically exportONNXNetwork(net,filename).
Then you can convert your .onnx model to a model compatible with your Android Studio application.
Hope this can help you.
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Rimsha Muzaffar
Rimsha Muzaffar on 18 Oct 2022
but how to convert convert .onnx model to a model compatible with your Android Studio application.
kindly tell me in detail.

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