I have data which class is char. I need to write this data in word doc. Which function I need to use?

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%my inputs;
parameters = 0:.1:1
A = [ parameters; exp(parameters)]
degree=('0.233 ppm')
fileID = fopen('trial.doc','w')
fprintf(fileID,'%6s %12s\n','parameters','rms')
fprintf(fileID,'%6.2f %30.8f\n',A)
fprintf(fileID,'%6s %12s\n\n\n',' ', ' ')
fprintf(fileID,'%6s %12s\n','parameters_2','rms_2')
%after this stage I want to write "degree" data below the rms_2 but this data is char, how can I write this data in word?
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Jan on 17 Jul 2013
Edited: Jan on 17 Jul 2013
What does "in word" mean? Do you mean Word of the Microsoft Office or do you mean a simple text file? What are >>the "degree" data<< ? Please do not let us guess, what you are doing. Post a running example and format the code properly.

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Daniel Pereira
Daniel Pereira on 17 Jul 2013

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