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How can I add an existing video in a slide (PPT) using MATLAB?

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Fabio Ambrosio
Fabio Ambrosio el 11 de Mayo de 2021
Editada: Wei Sun el 5 de Feb. de 2023
I need to create reports in PowerPoint (PPT) using Matlab.
I have a video in AVI format and I would like to add it in the report (PPT) created.
I can see that it is possible to add pictures with limited formats, such as .bmp .emf .eps .gif .jpeg .jpg .png .tif.
However, I cant find anything about to add video format, such as mp4, avi, wmv etc.
Is it possible to do this using Matlab? Could you help me with any solution?

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Rahul Singhal
Rahul Singhal el 19 de Mayo de 2021
Hi Fabio,
Currently, the PPT API doesn't support programmatically adding a video file to a slide.
This is something the development team is aware of and is considering to support in an upcoming release.
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Fabio Ambrosio
Fabio Ambrosio el 16 de Nov. de 2021
Editada: Fabio Ambrosio el 16 de Nov. de 2021
Yes. You need to use the actxserver() and AddMediaObject2 method in your MATLAB code.
Below is an example to add a video in AVI format on the second page of the slide:
% Create an ActiveX object
ppt = actxserver('powerpoint.application');
% Open a specific presentation
% Select a slide layout
layout = ppt.ActivePresentation.SlideMaster.CustomLayouts.Item(6);
% Add a new slide on page 2 with selected layout
page = 2;
ppt.ActivePresentation.Slides.AddSlide(page, layout);
% Select a slide page
slides = ppt.ActivePresentation.Slides;
slidePage = slides.Item(page);
videoPath = 'C:\Users\PATH\my_video.avi';
% Add video with AVI format in a specific position
video = ppt.ActiveWindow.Selection.SlideRange(1).Shapes.AddMediaObject2(videoPath, 0, -1, 160, 75,500,210);
%save presentation
I hope this help you.
Wei Sun
Wei Sun el 5 de Feb. de 2023
Editada: Wei Sun el 5 de Feb. de 2023
Any code playing that video automaticlly when entering that slide? I tried using the following code. But it is not working.
Thank you!

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