App starts without all components populated or being ready to use

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I've developed an extensive App in R2019b (very large number of components), and when myself or others use it in R2020a, R2020b, or R2021a, it launches to the user wih the following concerns:
  • Not all of the components have been fully created
  • Actions assigned during the startupFcn process have not been fully performed
  • Visible components (such as an initial pull-down menu for selecting an operating mode) are not usable.
In these newer versions, a user may need to wait an additional 15-20 seconds from when the App window appears Visible to them before it truly is usable.
I've tried some other suggestions related to this issue, but without success.
  • Creating the App to appear off-screen and then to move the App on-screen at the end of the startupFcn
  • Pause statements to the startupFcn process
  • Adding a uiwaitbardialog at the start of the startupFcn process and closing it at the end of that process
  • Exporting the App file to a .m file (from 2019b version of the App)
Thoughts/ideas? Thank you in advance for any suggestions.
Philipp Petr
Philipp Petr on 6 Sep 2022
I am struggling with the same problem. During the startup as MLAPP, actions are possible in the UI that cause the program to crash. Can this be fixed by a splashscreen or for example by hiding the window until the end of the StartupFcn?

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Answers (1)

Eric Delgado
Eric Delgado on 29 Sep 2022
I had this issue... so...
(1) Open your app (all .mlap files) in the AppDesigner of this new release of Matlab, save it and then execute it. It's essential!
(2) Update your OS (new releases of Matlab crashes with old versions of Windows 10, for example).


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