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A general question in mathematics

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jafar on 24 Jul 2013
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Please help me do the following math operation and apply every array of a vector (x) on it:
diff(log(quad(@(w)exp(ixw-abs(w)^2,-500,500))) {I use quad because the function is not closed formula)
in the other words i want to integral from this function [ixw-abs(w)^2]dw
The phrase is derived in terms of X,
after that put logarithm on it(Ln),
next differentiation with respect to x,
then placed array of vector x individually to the result,
best regards

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Andrew Reibold
Andrew Reibold on 24 Jul 2013
Q = quad(FUN,A,B) tries to approximate the integral of scalar-valued
function FUN from A to B to within an error of 1.e-6 using recursive
adaptive Simpson quadrature.
Example: Q = quad(@(x)myfun2(x,5),0,2);
Where are your A and B Parameters?
Are -500 and 500 supposed to be A and B? You have them trapped inside of exp(ixw-abs(w)^2,-500,500) so that means you don't have enough input arguments

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