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What can affect the performance of Matlab Compiler?

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Michel on 25 Jul 2013
I'm working on the porting of C Standalone Executable and C Shared Library. The programs and libraries used to run Under Unix systems. They now need to run Under Windows Server 2008 R2 OS. This is a new installation of Matlab R2013a and Visual Compiler 2010 so I'm testing the installation with Matlab provided examples (hello, triangle, etc). The compilation process works fine but it takes a very long time to produce the executable or the libray. For example, this morning I started the compilation of the matrixdriver example. After almost 4 hours, the compilation is not over yet!! What can be done to improve the compilation performance?
System info: Windows Server 2008 R2. 12 Gbytes of RAM. OS is 64-bit but Matlab and VS2010 are 32-bit for compatibility issue.

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Nathan Crosty
Nathan Crosty on 25 Jul 2013
One option is to turn off compiler optimizations in
Code Generation>Build Process>>Compiler optimization level
This will result in faster builds.

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