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how to plot the data in a cell array

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Nicolas on 26 Jul 2013
I'm writing a program in order to calculate the time of appearance of each word in a txt document(a novel, for about 300,000 words).The result will be stored in a cell array. Besides, I need to plot the curve, the axes should be "time of appearance" and "range of time of appearance".
But I don't know how to plot this curve. I hope there's someone can offer me some help.

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Nathan Crosty
Nathan Crosty on 26 Jul 2013
It sounds like you are looking for the cell2mat function. This will convert a cell array to numeric array which you can use to plot.
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Nicolas on 29 Jul 2013
Thank you! I just found what you said.

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Azzi Abdelmalek
Azzi Abdelmalek on 26 Jul 2013
out=[a' num2cell(n_occ)]
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Nicolas on 29 Jul 2013
Thank you! I tried your way, it works.

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