Interactive Standalone Document?

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Manuel Fickinger
Manuel Fickinger el 22 de Mayo de 2021
Respondida: Manas Meena el 25 de Mayo de 2021
Hello Matlab team and friendly users,
i wounder if there is a way to keep the sliders/control in a format that does not require Matlab. Would love to make interactive worksheets that do not require a full Matlab and run on Laptops/Tablets maybe even Phones. There is some degree of interaction within LaTeX Package hyperref.
Best regards Manuel F.

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Manas Meena
Manas Meena el 25 de Mayo de 2021
You cannot distribute the interactive features without having access to Matlab. However, if you are able to install MATLAB Complier runtime (MCR) on the target machines (which is free), you can then package your script that generates an app and distribute it.


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