union of polyshapes, problem with collinearity

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I have 15 polygons (of streets) that I can merge into one using the union function.
But if I want to unite only a few of them (that are close to each other), I get:
Error using polyshape/parseCollinear (line 946)
Parameter name must be 'KeepCollinearPoints'.
Error in polyshape/parseIntersectUnionArgs (line 973)
collinear =
Error in polyshape/union (line 42)
[has_clip, collinear] = polyshape.parseIntersectUnionArgs(false,
Unfortunately, I don't really understand what MatLAB wants me to do to get my unified polygon groups.
Ah, and if polygons are collinear, I'd like to keep those collinear points.
Thank you!

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Accepted Answer

Matt J
Matt J on 23 May 2021
Edited: Matt J on 23 May 2021
You just had a comma separated list in there by accident. The polyshapes must be given to union() as a vector.
A =
polyshape with properties: Vertices: [3604×2 double] NumRegions: 3 NumHoles: 0

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