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Error in Parameter Esitmation 'OutputTimes'

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Kevin Chung
Kevin Chung el 1 de Jun. de 2021
Editada: Chidvi Modala el 9 de Jun. de 2021
Dear all,
I am having issue performing 'Parameter Estimation' of my Simulink model.
The model is able to simulate output values of my model in Simulink but not when performing Parameter Estimation. When simulating through 'Parameter Estimation Toolbox' this error is given;
"Invalid OutputTimes specified in the Configuration Parameters dialog for block diagram 'ParameterEstimationSimulink'"
  • The input data is of continous state with variying timesteps
  • The model is using the same 'Simulation time' with attained input data that is loaded into the model
  • Simulink is able to simulate and compare model output and given input
  • The Solver used is ode45
  • All ports and blocks 'Sample time' configurations are given -1 (inherited)
  • In 'Parameter Estimation' the right Outport is chosen, with same array size as the input data
Can the error origin from the Input data? The input time is imported from an external meaasurment where ''Datetime" is converted into "Seconds" - double.
Thanks a lot for the help,

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Chidvi Modala
Chidvi Modala el 9 de Jun. de 2021
Editada: Chidvi Modala el 9 de Jun. de 2021
A possible root cause of the issue can be repeating time values in the experimental data which get indirectly fed to 'OutputTimes' within Configuration Parameters when called by Simulink.
  • To verify this :
You may check non unique time values in data by executing the following command:
To cause the error, this value might be smaller than the length of your experimental data.
  • Approach to removing duplicate entries:
We can average the values of repeating column entries and get a unique array of elements. I would suggest backing up your experimental data before doing the matrix operations below.
array = [1 10; 2 20; 3 30; 4 40; 4 50; 4 60; 5 70; 6 80; 7 90; 7 100; 8 110];
[C,ia,idx] = unique(array(:,1),'stable');
val = accumarray(idx,array(:,2),[],@mean);
your_mat = [C val]

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