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Mehdi on 14 Aug 2013
Folks, I made a standalone, executable file of my code using deploytool and it works fine. However, it doesn't run four sorts of functions which contain path (for example: C:/.../myfolder). The functions that it can't run are:
  1. publish(c:/.../myfolder)
  2. open(c:/.../myfolder)
  3. system(c:/.../myfolder)
  4. delete(c:/.../myfolder)
It does run the plot though. My matlab is 2012a. These abovementioned features are essential elements of the code and I really need to run them without having to manipulate or remove them. Is there anyway that I can resolve this problem? You time and help will be much appreciated.

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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 14 Aug 2013
No, you cannot resolve the problem without changing what you have.
When you run an executable, then unless you change the Properties in the icon you use to launch it with, the executable with start executing in a directory that is created on the fly to hold the unpacked components of the standalone. The executable will not generally start from the directory that you are in at the time that you click to launch the executable.
Even if you were in the correct directory, when you deploy to somewhere else, they will not generally have whatever executables or scripts that you have stored in your folder that you are using system() on. Not unless you have included them in the deployment and copy them to the appropriate place.
Please have a look at ctfroot()
Mehdi on 14 Aug 2013
Friedrich - That'll be problematic because most of the output of my code is in the form of html pages containing English texts, data and plots. Is there any alternative method to use instead of 'publish' or the other functions I mentioned yet be able to generate similar outputs, not necessarily html or pdf? Thanks a lot in advance.

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Mehdi on 14 Aug 2013
Thank you Walter. I did take a look at ctfroot() and some related pages. I still have some questions. How can I change the Properties in the icon that I use to launch the standalone? This is how I actually made the standalone: I prompted deploytool in the command window, and in the GUI, I changed the ‘untitled.prj’ to the name of the main *.m file and located it in that same folder where all the codes and files are. Then I added the main *.m file and separately everything else. Then I used ‘package’. I followed this video: Ke599czEmxU&list=FLXS_hauO3PHwFPXqeIfyM3g&index=19 A folder is created with two other folders inside it: distrib and src. I run the exe file which is inside the distrib. Am I on the right track? Thank you for your continued help.


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