Accessing data in matrix entries of tables

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Dear all,
I am having trouble to access matrix data in tables. To explain better my problem I'm posting a MWE.
x = {1 "abc" [1 2;2 1];2 "def" [3 4;4 3];3 "ghi" [3 4;4 3]};
T = cell2table(x,'VariableNames',{'id','names','matdata'});
I am able to access data in table T as rows and variables. For example I can access the 1st row of "id" variable as:
I am not able to access the table first row of variable "matdata" as a double matrix directly (the operation below returns a cell):
So, my question is if there is a direct way to access the matrix [1 2;2 1] as a double, and if possible to access even directly to its rows or columns with a sigle line of code, so without the need of an auxiliary variable. By now I found this solution but it needs an auxiliary variable:
aux = table2array(T{1,'matdata'});
Instead I can do this directly with the "x" cell:
Thanks to all in advance for your advice and suggestions!

Accepted Answer

Duncan Po
Duncan Po on 8 Jun 2021
You can use multiple sets of curly braces {} to index into cells, and then use parentheses to index into the resulting arrays, like this:
>> T{1,'matdata'}{1}(1,:)
ans =
1 2

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