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Jennifer March
Jennifer March on 9 Jun 2021
Edited: Jennifer March on 11 Jun 2021
How can I merge two columns where cells have different information?
Specifically I would like to merge the last two columns (lets call them F and G) into column H. In the example below F consists of a 1x5 table whereas G is ''. I have multiple tables like this, where F and G have the following information:
  1. either F Table and G '' (shortened example below)
  2. or G Table and F ''
  3. or both Table
In case of 3., I would like to merge the two in a long format., such that each row is double.
'floor_csv' '5610002' 'Male' 12.8300000000000 16.2200000000000 1x5 table ''
'floor_csv' '5610004' 'Female' 47.8300000000000 28.5500000000000 1x5 table ''
'floor_csv' '5610005' 'Female' 13.7500000000000 16.1400000000000 1x5 table ''
I only came up with H = [F; G], which did not work.
Any help is appreciated!

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Duncan Po
Duncan Po on 9 Jun 2021
Can you convert your empty char '' into empty array []? Tables can be concatenated with empty array but not empty char:
t = table([1; 2]); c = ''; a = [];
[t c]
All input arguments must be tables.
[t a]
ans =
2×1 table
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Jennifer March
Jennifer March on 11 Jun 2021
I am still stuck on replacing it, here my code. I guess the problem is that the table I am working with (subjects) is nested in another table (df). The column is called 'food_nonfood
for i = 1:length(df.subjects)
if df.subjects.food_nonfood == ''
replace(df.subjects.food_nonfood, '', [])

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