find an ID that has two values for another variable

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Hi, ID and fyear are vectors of the same size year(x00-1)=1996;year(x00-7)=1990 I want to find the ID that is equal to ID(i) but has for fyear values of 1990 and 1996. Initially I wrote:
x0=find(ID=ID(i) & fyear==year(x00-1) & fyear==year(x00-7))) but x0 was always empty and I figured out that the code was wrong because when the logical for fyear=1990 is 1 it is 0 for fyear=1996 and vice versa. How can I write a code to say I want the ID which is equal to ID(i) and that ID has a fyear values of 1990 and 1996

Accepted Answer

Iain on 23 Aug 2013
x0 = find(ID = ID(i) & (fyear == year(x00-1) | fyear==year(x00-7)))
Note that | is "pipe", not capital i, or lowercase L.

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joseph Frank
joseph Frank on 23 Aug 2013
No I want them both to exist the 1990 and 1996 . It is not an "or " but rather an also.
Iain on 23 Aug 2013
Actually, re-reading your code, are you actually trying to get the ID values that exist in both years? - A very different question.
intersect(ID(fyear == year(x00-1)),ID(fyear == year(x00-7)))

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