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Mehdi on 25 Aug 2013
I have this code which works fine:
system(['C:/My_program/folder_images/myexecutable.exe <' fname_path]);
But I need to use which() to determine where 'myexecutable.exe' is. So I'm trying to use this:
exe_path = which ('myexecutable.exe')
system(['exe_path <' fname_path]);
but it doesn't work. Can anybody help me please? Thank you in advance.

Accepted Answer

the cyclist
the cyclist on 25 Aug 2013
Edited: the cyclist on 25 Aug 2013
My advice is to first just display the string, without putting it into the system() command, to see if it is correct. I think you probably want
system_command_string = [exe_path,' < ',fname_path]
because both exe_path and fname_path are already strings, and you just need to put the ' < ' in between. (But you should check that.) Then,
should run it.

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dpb on 25 Aug 2013
which is a Matlab function, not a system command
Use dir() recursively instead.

Mehdi on 25 Aug 2013
You're awesome! It worked. Thank you so very much!


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