How do I modify my student license to have administrator privilege to setup minGW64 compiler

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I attempt to install and setup minGW64 on R2021a. I have a student license. I do not know why my account does not have adminstrator priviledge as I have matlab installed on my home PC and it is not administred by the university. Can you explain how do I grant adminstrator priviledge to my account. My license number is: 41008008.
The error message I get is:
>> configuremingw
Error using configuremingw
Unable to setup the MinGW compiler due to administrator privileges not granted.

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Asvin Kumar
Asvin Kumar on 23 Jun 2021
If you refer to this section, I think it says that your Windows user should have administrator privileges. It does not say that your MATLAB license should have Administrator privileges. Try lauching MATLAB as an Administrator and then running the script.
You can also have a look at what others have tried in the original thread.




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