LAUNCHXL-F28379D: How to Clean the memory?

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SALAH alatai
SALAH alatai el 21 de Jun. de 2021
Respondida: SALAH alatai el 24 de Jun. de 2021
Hello everyone
I am trying to send pulses to gate driver by F28379D lauchpad and I removed the tick from Boot from flase to avoid saving data.
but unfortuantely same signal still dispaly on the oscillocscope, I tryed to reset it by push the button of reset S3, but still same issue,
how to solve this problem.
thanks in advance

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SALAH alatai
SALAH alatai el 24 de Jun. de 2021
In Code Composer Stiduo go to debug view -> Tools menu -> On-chip flash window -> Scroll down and click on Erase flash by choosing all the sectors, make it for CPU1 AND CPU2 ,
this was helpful for me to delete the dada was saving on microcontroller.
it tooks much time to solve it. thanks for erveryone help me.

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