How to access app details and write app version number into a file?

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I'm trying out functionalities of Appdesigner in order to see it can handle specifications of app I'm designing.
I want my app to include possibility for writing an info file which contains version number of the app. I noticed this is located in Appdesigner in "App details".
My question is, how to access this information in order to write it into a file using a button in the app?
Martti Ilvesmäki
Martti Ilvesmäki on 29 Jun 2021
Thank you, I checked it out. The answer of the question is a MATLAB technical support team provided function which, if I understood correctly, works for shared apps with app installer.
I would like to however, access this information from the app itself if possible. For example, by clicking button "write info file" which would write a .txt or .csv file containing information about the app and the version number.

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Accepted Answer

Kishan Dhakan
Kishan Dhakan on 30 Jun 2021
You can use the property app.<your app name>UIFigure.Name to acess the app name and write it to csv or txt using MATLAB functions in the button callback. For example, in your component browser, look for the first component under your app name, it should be the UIFigure. Use app.<thatComponent>.Name to access app name (and similar for other details like version).
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Martti Ilvesmäki
Martti Ilvesmäki on 5 Jul 2021
Thank you, this works as a workaround. For example by using app.UIFigure.Tag for version number. Still though couldn't directly access App Details version number.

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Brian on 16 Nov 2021
I developed the below yesterday and it has seemed to work so far.
function ver = CheckVersion(~)
if isdeployed % If compiled and deployed
[~, result] = system('path');
p = char(regexpi(result, 'Path=(.*?);', 'tokens', 'once')); % Get run path
myDir=dir(fullfile(p,'..','appdata','components')); % Move to components folder and get all files
myDir=myDir(3:end); % Exclude '.' and '..'
validFile=myDir(datetime({})==max(datetime({}))); % Only look at most recent install, includes 'common' and 'platform'
appInfo=xml2struct(fullfile(validFile(1).folder,validFile(1).name)); % Import 'common' as struct from xml (requires xml2struct download)
ver=appInfo.componentData.component.componentVersion.Text; % Grab the version number as a char array
fullpath=mfilename('fullpath'); % Get run path
if ~isempty(strfind(fullpath,s.matlab.addons.InstallationFolder.ActiveValue)) % If the run path includes the addons install folder, it is run from the app bar
[p,~]=fileparts(fullpath); % Get the path
if isfolder(fullfile(p,'resources'))
xmlLocation=fullfile(p,'resources','addons_core.xml'); % Go to resources folder
appInfo=xml2struct(xmlLocation); % Import addons_core.xml as struct
ver=appInfo.addonCore.version.Text; % Grab the version number as a char array
ver='debug'; % This may be redundant with below. Left in to prevent errors just in case...
else % If run from MATLAB mlapp file


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