how to use 'createIma​gePatchesF​romHypercu​be' function

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İ was trying to use 'createImagePatchesFromHypercube' function but there is an error like this;
'createImagePatchesFromHypercube' is used in Classify Hyperspectral Images Using Deep Learning.
İ reinstall 4 times library but i cant solve.
How i can figure out this.
Thanks for help

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Subhadeep Koley
Subhadeep Koley el 1 de Jul. de 2021
Editada: Subhadeep Koley el 1 de Jul. de 2021
It seems you're trying to execute createImagePatchesFromHypercube outside of the "Classify Hyperspectral Images Using Deep Learning" example. createImagePatchesFromHypercube is a helper function and preferably should not be called outside the specified example.
But, if you want to use it, you can navigate to the folder path, where the function resides. You can directly reach to that path by executing the following command,
Hope this helps.

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Andrés Eduardo Rubiano Martinez
Andrés Eduardo Rubiano Martinez el 8 de Jul. de 2022
Editada: Andrés Eduardo Rubiano Martinez el 8 de Jul. de 2022
Hey good morning guys,
I solved the problem, what I did was to copy the function code at the end of the code that we want to run, apparently matlab can't found the function file...
Here is the code:
% Example of HSI image segmentation
% Load the indian_pines data set consisting of a single hyperspectral
% image of size 145X145 with 220 color channels
hcube = hypercube("indian_pines.dat");
rgbImg = colorize(hcube,method="rgb");
% Load the ground truth labels and specify the number of classes
gtLabel = load("indian_pines_gt.mat");
gtLabel = gtLabel.indian_pines_gt;
numClasses = 16;
% Preparing the train data, this reduces the number of spectral brands to
% the 30 most representative
dimReduction = 30;
imageData = hyperpca(hcube,dimReduction);
% Normalize the data
sd = std(imageData,[],3);
imageData = imageData./sd;
% Split the hyperspectral image into patches of size 25-by-25 pixels with
% 30 channels, also returns a single label for each patch, which is the label of the central pixel.
windowSize = 25;
inputSize = [windowSize windowSize dimReduction];
[allPatches,allLabels] = createImagePatchesFromHypercube(imageData,gtLabel,windowSize);
indianPineDataTransposed = permute(allPatches,[2 3 4 1]);
dsAllPatches = augmentedImageDatastore(inputSize,indianPineDataTransposed,allLabels);
% Not all of the cubes in this data set have labels. However, training the network
% requires labeled data. Select only the labeled cubes for training. Count how many labeled
% patches are available.
patchesLabeled = allPatches(allLabels>0,:,:,:);
patchLabels = allLabels(allLabels>0);
numCubes = size(patchesLabeled,1);
% Convert the numerical labels to categorical
patchLabels = categorical(patchLabels);
% Divide the patches into training and test data sets
[trainingIdx,valIdx,testIdx] = dividerand(numCubes,0.3,0,0.7);
dataInputTrain = patchesLabeled(trainingIdx,:,:,:);
dataLabelTrain = patchLabels(trainingIdx,1);
dataInputTest = patchesLabeled(testIdx,:,:,:);
dataLabelTest = patchLabels(testIdx,1);
% Transpose the input data.
dataInputTransposeTrain = permute(dataInputTrain,[2 3 4 1]);
dataInputTransposeTest = permute(dataInputTest,[2 3 4 1]);
% Create datastores that read batches of training and test data.
dsTrain = augmentedImageDatastore(inputSize,dataInputTransposeTrain,dataLabelTrain);
dsTest = augmentedImageDatastore(inputSize,dataInputTransposeTest,dataLabelTest);
%function that creates patches in the image
function [patchData,patchLabel] = createImagePatchesFromHypercube(hcube,groundTruthLabel,winSize)
padding = floor((winSize-1)/2);
zeroPaddingPatch = padarray(hcube,[padding,padding],0,'both');
[rows,cols,ch] = size(hcube);
patchData = zeros(rows*cols,winSize,winSize,ch);
patchLabel = zeros(rows*cols,1);
zeroPaddedInput = size(zeroPaddingPatch);
patchIdx = 1;
for i= (padding+1):(zeroPaddedInput(1)-padding)
for j= (padding+1):(zeroPaddedInput(2)-padding)
patch = zeroPaddingPatch(i-padding:i+padding,j-padding:j+padding,:);
patchData(patchIdx,:,:,:) = patch;
patchLabel(patchIdx,1) = groundTruthLabel(i-padding,j-padding);
patchIdx = patchIdx+1;


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