Compiled program's call to audioinfo fails when trying to import internal java class

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I have a call to audioinfo that works fine from the MATLAB command line. But when I compile, the same call yields:
MATLAB_Compiler_Runtime/v80/toolbox/matlab/audiovideo/audioinfo.m line: 47 Column: 8 Arguments to IMPORT must either end with ".*" or else specify a fully qualified class name: "" fails this test
Other queries regarding this kind of error only seem to occur when using a user-provided class (and the solution is to provide the corresponding jar file in classpath.txt)
Any idea how to make this work for an internal MATLAB "import"?
(I'm using 2012b on Mac)

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Aditya Vutukuri
Aditya Vutukuri on 23 Dec 2013
This is due to java issue. Some jar files are not included in the classpath
Try >>rehash toolboxcache >>restoredefaultpath >>savepath


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