Save an array to a txt file allowing choosing path name and file name

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Hello everybody. I need to find a command (if it exists) to save two (or more) vectors in a txt file. I'm programming a GUI and I need to export some vectors to a txt file. The thing is that i have tried with dlmwrite, but this command doesn`t allow me to choose a file name using a pop -up windows that is what I need.
I know another command
This command would be perfect but it only allows me to save a mat file and I need to save it in a txt format.
Bassically, Does anybody know a command that works simmilarly to uisave but allowing to the user to save in .txt format?
Thank you in advance

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Matt Fig
Matt Fig el 2 de Jun. de 2011
See the help for UIPUTFILE and friends. UIPUTFILE allows you to select the filename and path through the help of a GUI.
[fname,pth] = uiputfile('.txt'); % Type in name of file.
dlmwrite([pth,fname],data) % Or choose format, etc..

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DeYong el 3 de Jun. de 2011
Thank you very much Matt!
I had to mix the command with dlmwrite in the folliwing way:
dlmwrite(uiputfile, handles.randomSag , ',');
My problem was that dlmwrite didn`t allow me to make an "save as" Menu.
I could solve the problem combining dlmwrite and uiputfile
Thanks a lot.


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