creating vector in matlab fcn bock

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sia on 13 Sep 2013
hi, i wanna to create a vector in matlab fcn block, that s my Code:
function y = fcn
e = 160;
s = 45;
vector = (s:e);
y = vector
but i get this error: Output 'y' (#4Cool has variable size but the upper bound is not specified; explicit upper bound must be provided.
can u guys help me to solve that?
sia on 13 Sep 2013
Hi, thank for the answer. But what do u mean with "Pasting your code in a function file and executing" ???

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Answers (3)

Simon on 13 Sep 2013
If you have trouble defining functions in Matlab, start here:

Kaustubha Govind
Kaustubha Govind on 13 Sep 2013
Please use coder.varsize to define an upper-bound for the output variable as I have previously explained here. You also need to configure the MATLAB Function block for a variable-size output.

Fred Smith
Fred Smith on 23 Sep 2013
For this particular piece of code, variable-sizing should not be needed as the end points are constants. This example works fine for me in a recent version. What version of MATLAB and Simulink are you using?
You can find this out using the ver command: >> ver

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