Export axes error using app designer

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Jonathan Moorman
Jonathan Moorman el 9 de Jul. de 2021
Respondida: LO el 9 de Jul. de 2021
Hi all,
I am trying to export many axes using a loop, but I recieve the following error for the coding below: "First parameter must specify the axes or chart object". What am i doing incorrect? Thanks!
for i = 1:10
for ii = 1:5
CurrentAxes = append('app.UIAxes',(append(num2str(i),'_',num2str(ii))));

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LO el 9 de Jul. de 2021
have you tried using for each iteration
you would have to change the file name each time by adding a string with i and ii in the figure name.
filename = ['figure_',num2str(i),'_',num2str(ii),'.jpg'];
Would this work ?


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