Always time out, when sending more than two uint16 numbers with serial communication in the examples of Motor Control Blockset

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Kun Wang
Kun Wang on 17 Jul 2021
Hi all!
I try to run the examples in Motor Control Blockset. When running the model, I successfully established a serial communication between my computer and an F28069M LaunchPad using "SCI Receive", "SCI Transmit" and "SCI Setup" blocks from the Host model. But, when I try to send three uint16 numbers from the host model to the target hardware, there is always a timeout error (return status number 1). Have I forgotten to set up a certain configuration step? Do you know a solution or other feasible methods?
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Shivaprasad Narayan
Shivaprasad Narayan on 9 Nov 2021
The SCI Receive block in the target model is configured to generate FIFO interrupt when 4 data bytes are available in buffer. Hence the communication is limited to two uint16 numbers.
F28069M may be limited to a maximum of 4 bytes of buffer. Hence try introducing a delay in the host model before sending the 3rd number. Also make sure the SCI Receive block on the target model is configured correctly to receive 3 uint16 numbers.
Hope this helps!
Alternatively you can also reach out to MathWorks customer support for further assistance.

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