summation inside for loop

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Mert Demir
Mert Demir on 21 Jul 2021
Edited: Mert Demir on 23 Feb 2022
Have a good day. I am trying to find an easy way of writing a loop below:
for iz=1:3
for iznext=1 expv(:,iz)=v(:,iz)*Q_z(iz,iznext)+v(:,iz)*Q_z(iz,iznext+1)+v(:,iz)*Q_z(iz,iznext+2);
Thanks in advance.

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Torsten on 21 Jul 2021
vec = ones(1,5)*Q_z.' ;
exp2(1:100,:) = vec ;
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Mert Demir
Mert Demir on 21 Jul 2021
Thanks but i need to use v_e in the form. v_e will not be ones(100,5) later on. it is just an initial guess. I will keep iterate that.

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