Simscape Multibody Link Weldment Import Error (Solidworks)

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I am trying to import a complex Solidworks CAD assembly into Simscape Multibody using the Link addon. The CAD model contains several Solidworks weldments (a single part file containing several bodies comprising the welded pieces) in addition to other Solidworks parts and subassemblies.
The addon successfully generates STEP and XML files from the geometry, and I am able to create a Simscape Multibody model using the "smimport" command. However, when I compile the model, the weldments do not render, and the following error message is generated for each of the weldments:
The parameter Geometry/File Name is a file that does not exist. Resolve this issue in order to simulate the model.
All the other "normal" parts (non-weldments) import and render successfully; i.e., the problem appears to be isolated to the weldments only.
I can work around this by manually modeling similar parts to replace the weldments, but this is time-consuming and error prone.
Is there a way to import Solidworks weldments successfully?

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Steve Miller
Steve Miller on 17 Nov 2021
Hi Daniel,
The error "The parameter Geometry/File Name is a file that does not exist." indicates that the geometry file was not exported. It looks like from this blog post that weldments are not parts, so they are likely not exported OR the STEP file that is produced is not valid. I would try manually entering the File name into the File Solid block and see if it can be read at all. Otherwise, your manual workaround will be necessary.

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