Change Specialized Power Systems Path after saving a Simulink model from R2021a to R2020b effectively

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I need to save R2021a Simulink model using Specialized Power Systems Electrical Components to a R2020b model.
The problem is that the R2020b model cannot find the paths of these SPS blocks as the two versions use different block paths.
Changing the block path in R2020 resolves the issue for that block. The issue is that I have many elements which need to be changed.
Is there a faster method? I guess one can also use the set_param function to change the paths.
Also I am using a variety of elements (RLC's, Measuring blocks, Sources) which all have slightly different paths which makes it harder to use a generic set_param function.
But what happens if I want to use the model again in R2021? Do i need to change the block paths again?
This link also descriped the problem but does not give a nice solution:
The notes say one needs to change the path manually I think
So the question is how do I change the path for many blocks in the most effective way.

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Joel Van Sickel
Joel Van Sickel on 17 Aug 2021
Hello Stephan,
unfortunately there is no supported method for easily backporting specialized power systems models. Your suggestions would work to somewhat simplify the process but it's typically much easier to move forward than backward as there is an upgrade advisor to help move models forward. In these situations where you need multiple versions. It is best to keep your primary model in the oldest version that you need, and upgrade it to future versions as needed. In general, we advise moving the newest versions that you can and limiting any work done mixing versions. If this is being done because of hardware dependencies, we often recommend utilizing speedgoat HW which will always work with the most recent version.
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Stephan Scholtz
Stephan Scholtz on 23 Aug 2021
Yes ok that makes sense.
I will remember the 'solution' for next time.
Thank you.
I solved my issue by using set_param('elementpath', 'ReferenceBlock','powerlib/Elements/Ground').
So changing the path manually. (The path can be found in the simulink library by hovering above the wanted element.)
Thanks for the answer

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