Error while averaging multiple images

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I am averaging a set of tif images and here is a code for the same-
files = dir('D:\SMM\SLIPI\Images\*.tif');
numberOfImages = size(files);
for k = 1:numberOfImages
thisImage = double(imread(files(k).name)); % Or whatever...
[rows, columns, numberOfColorBands] = size(thisImage);
% First do a check for matching rows, columns, and number of color channels. Then
if k == 1
sumImage = thisImage;
sumImage = sumImage + thisImage;
sumImage = sumImage./ numberOfImages;
But I am getting following error-
>> low_energy_sequ
Matrix dimensions must agree.
Error in low_energy_sequ (line 14)
sumImage = sumImage./ numberOfImages;
Can somebody please help with this?
Thanks in advance..

Accepted Answer

Rik on 9 Aug 2021
The size function returns a vector of at least two elements
numberOfImages = size(files);
%replace this by:
numberOfImages = numel(files);

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