Incrementing file names to run loop commands

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I am trying to write a short script to input some data from a list of files. The file names have a form as followed
and so on
I would like to write a script in a loop format kind of like this
for n=0:5:200
Sample_run1_[n]V = sparameters('Sample_run1_[n]V_dev.s2p')
I would like the loop to increment the name of the file by changing just the characters in the brackets which will always be number and they will increment by 5 with each file name.
Currently I am doing this with a command for each file. After I import I then have to process the data which I again do but creating a block that executes the process for each file name but I would like to do this with a loop so I could write the commands once then repeat it by incrementing through the file names.
Thank you for the help

Accepted Answer

Rik on 9 Aug 2021
Use sprintf to create your variable names, use arrays to store your data. Don't use numbered variables.
John Carroll
John Carroll on 10 Aug 2021
This is making a little more sense to me. I'll give this a try. Thanks

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