How do I check that the hostname of a cluster node is bound to an IP address on one of the host's network interface cards (NIC)?

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I would like to know if my distributed computing processes will work correctly on machines that have multiple NICs.

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Distributed computing processes will work correctly on machines with multiple NICs. For every node on the cluster, its hostname must be bound to an IP address that matches an address on one of its network interface cards (NIC). Your MATLAB client and your other cluster nodes must be able to contact it using this address. To determine if your configuration is correct, at a system prompt (such as DOS), enter the command
At a system prompt (such as DOS), enter the result of the hostname command as an argument to the ping command:\n
ping yourhost (for any non-Solaris platform)
ping -sn yourhost (for Solaris)
The ping command prints an IP address for yourhost. You can interrupt the ping output with Ctrl+C. Ensure that this same IP address is among those printed out by either of the following commands:\n
ifconfig -a (for UNIX)
ipconfig /all (for Windows)
NOTE: One of the requirements for setting up a cluster is the presence of a DNS service on the network, or an equivalent. For more information, see the MDCS system requirements below:

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