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using magnify with image on uipanel

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Nilimb on 19 Jun 2011
Hi, I am using this file for magnifying images on a figure. It works fine if the image is parented to figure. As soon as i parent the image to uipanel it does not magnify the region properly. Anybody know a workaround to that.

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Jan on 19 Jun 2011
Please explain "not properly" with some details. This works fine in Matlab 2009a:
panelH = uipanel('Position', [0.2, 0.2, 0.5, 0.5]);
axesH = axes('Parent', panelH);
plot(rand(1, 100));
The function MAGINIFY is fragil: It sets the figure coordinates to pixels, overwrites the UserData of the figure and the axes, uses the CurrentAxes and fails if it has a hidden handle. Perhaps this collides with your GUI design.
Jan on 20 Jun 2011
Let me repeat: Please explain "not properly" with any details.

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