Problem 2053. Strange Number Algorithms

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Three integer numbers will be provided to you. Write a function to

 Step1: Multiply first number by 3.
 Step2: Add 6 with the getting result.
 Step3: divide it by 3.
 Step4: Subtract the first number.
 Step1: Double the second number.
 Step2: Add 9 with result.
 Step3: Subtract 3 with the result.
 Step4: Divide the result by 2.
 Step5: Subtract the result with the second number.
 Step1:Add 7 to the third number.
 Step2:Multiply the number with 2.
 Step3:Subtract 4 from the result.
 Step4:Divide the result by 2.
 Step5:Subtract the third number from the result.

Return a single row matrix with the three answers.

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