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Duncan Carlsmith
Duncan Carlsmith el 18 de Feb. de 2023 (Editada a las el 21 de Feb. de 2023)
Works great for generating a Live Script. See https://www.mathworks.com/matlabcentral/fileexchange/124080-chatgpt-generated-matlab-program
Md. Al-Imran Abir
Md. Al-Imran Abir el 18 de Feb. de 2023
Should be able to select multiple options in the poll. I signed up almost at the very beginning (2-3 days after release) and now using it for almost everything, finding baby girl names to solve programming, asking suggestions for resume & coverletter to getting help for job interview preparation. Overall, it's a great experience (though sometimes it gives wrong answer).
Rahul Gupta
Rahul Gupta el 13 de Feb. de 2023 (Editada a las el 13 de Feb. de 2023)
"I challenged ChatGPT to code and hack (Are we doomed?)"
David Bombai
Kenneth Johnson
Kenneth Johnson el 13 de Feb. de 2023
ChatGPT is complete garbage. If it says anything sensible it's just parroting what someone else has already said (it won't tell you who). If it can't find an answer to your query in its database it won't say "I don't know"; it just makes up a bunch of BS and lies. ChatGPT's training model lacks any notion of "truth".
Image Analyst
Image Analyst el 13 de Feb. de 2023
Here is what it says about you. Is it BS?
Kenneth Johnson is a well-known name in the entertainment industry. He is a producer, director, and writer who has made significant contributions to the film and television world. Johnson is best known for his work on science fiction and fantasy projects, including the popular series "The Incredible Hulk" and "V". He has also worked on films such as "Steel," and "The Book of Stars". Johnson's unique storytelling style and attention to detail have earned him critical acclaim and a loyal fanbase. Throughout his career, he has continued to push the boundaries of what is possible in the world of science fiction and fantasy, and his work remains an inspiration to many in the industry.
Chris el 12 de Feb. de 2023 (Editada a las el 12 de Feb. de 2023)
Chris el 19 de Feb. de 2023 (Editada a las el 19 de Feb. de 2023)
Though I suppose if everyone else is determined to jump off this cliff, I'd better catch up.
Rahul Gupta
Rahul Gupta el 10 de Feb. de 2023
cui,xingxing el 8 de Feb. de 2023 (Editada a las el 8 de Feb. de 2023)
I was wondering how chartGPT could be better for matlab, e.g. smart hints, C++ code generation. If FEX had a supported plugin it would be replaced
David el 8 de Feb. de 2023
@cui, can you clarify what you mean by 'If FEX had a supported plugin it would be replaced'?
cui,xingxing el 10 de Feb. de 2023
For example, there is a chartGPT plug-in for matlab that can help me with automatic code generation, either in matlab or matlab to C code or give me advice on writing code
Image Analyst
Image Analyst el 7 de Feb. de 2023
I thought you had to sign up and they had a limited number of people they were willing to take on. I guess I didn't sign up in time and now when I go there I see "ChatGPT is at capacity right now". Does that mean they're not letting people make accounts anymore, or that they are just busy temporarily?
Image Analyst
Image Analyst el 8 de Feb. de 2023
I got in tonight. Made an account and tested it by having it write a few image analysis programs. It did a fairly decent job.
Dani Agramonte
Dani Agramonte el 8 de Feb. de 2023
I'm really curious as to where it went wrong. Is there any chance you can post your findings somewhere?
Image Analyst
Image Analyst el 9 de Feb. de 2023 (Editada a las el 11 de Feb. de 2023)
Well, here is an example where it did not do a good job at spatially calibrating an image. The code would not help you turn measurements made in pixels into real world units such as centimeters. But maybe I was not specific enough in my request.
David el 7 de Feb. de 2023 (Editada a las el 7 de Feb. de 2023)
No, there's just so many people using it. The numbers are quite staggering, about 100M users in a span of two months.
You (we all) may be able to experience this new AI Chat trend in the upcoming weeks since both Google and Microsoflt are announcing integrations into their search areas this week.
Anton Kogios
Anton Kogios el 7 de Feb. de 2023
I was able to make an account about 12 hours ago. I then used it for a bit before I was told that they had high demand so could not ask any more questions for the moment. If you cannot make an account now, I think it is just temporary.
June Keller
June Keller el 7 de Feb. de 2023
Currently examining at my institution for many uses and in my Dept for specifically teaching Programming for Engineers that utilizes MatLab.
I hope to see a lot of comment here.
Chen Lin
Chen Lin el 7 de Feb. de 2023
This article might be relevent.
David el 7 de Feb. de 2023
Here's a helpful link for those not familiar with ChatGPT - https://openai.com/blog/chatgpt/


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