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Three Phase Sinosoidal PWM based Rectifier

version (11 KB) by Syed Abdul Rahman Kashif
PWM Rectifier


Updated 23 Aug 2010

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The model simulates a three phase Sinusoidal PWM rectifier. Applied Voltage, switching frequency and sampling factor can be changed from the model properties block.

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Syed Abdul Rahman Kashif (2020). Three Phase Sinosoidal PWM based Rectifier (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Retrieved .

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Problem with this file:It does not maintain UPF at input side.

omar khater

Good work. Thank you

Boya Xu

thank you very much for your contribution.I 'd like to ask why the voltage amplitude need to be devided by 1.2?

thank you for your contribution.

Aic bil



Is this rectifier reversible ? That is to say, is it possible to use it as an inverter ?

excellent work ever :)

blb malek

good jobs

Pooja Ashok

i want this file to get downloaded

Why 1.2??

can you please explain this simulation.



Anu Priya


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