Round input to nearest multiple of arbitrary value.
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Everyone knows about the ROUND function for converting floating point values to their nearest whole number or integer value, but have you ever wanted to round off values to something other than whole numbers? This simple utility function does just that.
Example 1: round PI to 2 decimal places
>> round2(pi,0.01)
ans =

Example 2: round PI to 4 decimal places
>> round2(pi,1e-4)
ans =

Example 3: round PI to 8-bit fraction
>> round2(pi,2^-8)
ans =

Examples 4-6: round PI to other multiples
>> round2(pi,0.05)
ans =
>> round2(pi,2)
ans =
>> round2(pi,5)
ans =

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Minor bug fix (error message typo)


Expanded help text with examples, including binary fraction (analagous to fixed point math).