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Control a Raspberry Pi powered robot with MATLAB and Simulink

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Control a Raspberry Pi powered robot with MATLAB and Simulink


Updated 02 May 2016

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This project shows you how to control a Raspberry Pi powered robot from both MATLAB and Simulink.

Take basic control of your robot from MATLAB and prototype an image processing technique for target tracking. The default target is a green rectangle of 75x75mm.

Once the target is identified, use Simulink to deploy a control system to the robot such that it can autonomously drive to the target.

With the Simulink® Support Package for Raspberry Pi™, you can design signal or image processing algorithms and applications that run standalone on your Raspberry Pi. You can also develop more elaborate algorithms using Stateflow, DSP System Toolbox, and Computer Vision System Toolbox.

We can also say that this entry was inspired by the “Simulink Support Package for Raspberry Pi Hardware” File Exchange entry.

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Andy Heron

The links in the pdf do not work, is there a copy of the file that is to be downloaded onto the motor controller available.


the links in the pdf are not working.I want to know about hardware connections.

SerielPort.c is add under Code Generation -> Custom Code -> Additional Build Information -> Source files

after i deploy the robot how can i run the modle automatically without using computer ??


the link in the pdf don't work

Muy buen programa realmente esto te hace desear aprender mas cada vez, sobre cosas como el procesamiento de imágenes, robótica y electrónica entre otras cosas más y su empleo con el hardware.


Cool program--I'm definitely interested in learning more. Is it possible to further connect tools that the robot can use (extendable arm, shovel, etc?) Also could this be adopted with using a quadracopter?



Updated link to Github.

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