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deprecated -- Light Field Toolbox v0.3 -- v0.4 now available

version (4.33 MB) by Donald Dansereau
A set of tools for working with light field (aka plenoptic) imagery in Matlab

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Updated 12 Feb 2015

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This is a set of tools for working with light field (aka plenoptic) imagery in Matlab. Features include decoding, camera calibration, rectification, colour correction and visualization of light field images. New in version 0.3 are functions for reading gantry-style light fields and for directly reading Lytro LFP files including support for Lytro Illum and Lytro Desktop 4.
Download the sample light field pack at . Sample calibration datasets can be found at .

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W A: findcorners and detectCheckerboardPoints do essentially the same thing, so you should be able to swap one in for the other, but beware complications around point ordering.


Suppose I do not own the Computer Vision System Toolbox, containing 'detectCheckerboardPoints'. Is it safe to replace line 154 of 'LFCalFindCheckerCorners' with line 153 (using 'findcorners') from version 0.2 after coping the 'CornerFinder' folder into 'SupportFunctions'?



Noting requirement for DSP system toolbox

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