Introductory Communication Systems Course Using SDR

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Course Materials for an Introductory Analog and Digital Communications Systems Course using MathWorks-Supported Software-Defined Radio

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This package contains course materials for an introductory analog and digital communications systems course taught to undergraduate electrical and computer engineering students. An integral part of the course design is a series of laboratory modules through which students explore course topics using low-cost SDR hardware (e.g., RTL-SDR or ADALM-PLUTO) and MATLAB/Simulink software tools. Using these laboratory exercises, students implement various communication systems and investigate real-world communication signals.

The download package includes complete Laboratory documentation, as well as additional Simulink models and MATLAB scripts for use in lecture sessions.

Course syllabus:

Topic 1: Introduction to Communication Systems
- Introduction to Software-Defined Radio
- RTL-SDR and ADALM-PLUTO Installations
- Spectrum Analyzer using SDR

Topic 2: Amplitude Modulation
- Observing Amplitude Modulated Waveforms using SDR
- QAM Transceiver Simulation
- DSB Large Carrier Receiver using SDR
- DSB Large Carrier Transmitter using SDR

Topic 3: Frequency Modulation
- Investigating Broadcast FM Radio Signals using SDR
- Passband FM Modulator Simulation
- Baseband FM Communication System Simulation
- Observing and Demodulation FM Waveforms using SDR
- Automatic Picture Transmission (APT) Receiver using SDR

Topic 4: Digital Communication
- Observing Digital Carrier Modulated Waveforms using SDR
- Bit Error Rate Simulation
- BSPK Receiver: Carrier Synchronization and Symbol Timing Recovery using SDR
- DBPSK Communication using SDR

Topic 5: Spread Spectrum Communications
- DSSS Simulation
- Code Division Multiplexing Simulation
- DSSS BPSK Communication using SDR

Topic 6: Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing
- Multicarrier Communications Simulation
- FFT Processing for OFDM Modulation and Demodulation
- IEEE 802.11a WiFi Waveforms

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