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To find the maximum value in a matrix?
If matrix dimension is 'n', then max element can be found by: max(max(.....maxn^2((A))...) We have to include n^2 times max

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solving eigenvalue problem AX=c BX
warning off MATLAB:nearlySingularMatrix A = rand(500,500); B = rand(500,500); Eig = eigs(A,B,5,'li'); %Outputs 5 Eigenva...

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How can I speed up assignments to sparse matrices in MATLAB?
% Creating elements for a sparse matrix % We need to create a column vector for each i,j,v % where A(i,j) = v i = randi(100...

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How to add elements to a sparse matrix
%Create a random 10 x 10 sparse matrix X = sprand(10,10,0.2); %For adding elements to an existing Sparse matrix X(2,2) = 0....

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