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caesar cyphor encryption problem .
Caesar's cypher is the simplest encryption algorithm. It adds a fixed value to the ASCII (unicode) value of each character of a ...

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how does a diff operation works for relational and logical cases with arrays ?
i was trying to work with diff operator after trying out sum[1 2 4 6] diff([14 5 6 14 32]) ans= -9 1 8 18 above statemen...

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how to replace elements in top third, middle third, and bottom third of matix
function T=trio(n,m) T(3*n,m)=3; % or you can use random no. generation...but since we are assigning alues anyway , this vl wor...

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Write a function called minimax that takes M, a matrix input argument and returns mmr, a row vector containing the absolute values of the difference between the maximum and minimum valued elements in each row. As a second output argument called mmm,
here's my function.... went a little descriptive for good understanding to readers. function [a,b]=minimax(M) row_max=max(M')...

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Matlab function to take matrix as input and return elements in its four corners as output
function [top_left,top_right,bottom_left,bottom_right] = corners(M) top_left = M(1,1); top_right = M(1,end); bott...

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