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I am Application Support Engineer at Mathworks.
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how to compute energy and power of discrete-time signal using symbolic calculations
Hi, I have tried your code and power is finite for discrete signal also. Use "simplify" to get limit value instead of limit e...

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I want to run two different increments to get two graphs simultaneously using subplot
Hi, As per my understanding you either want to do matrix multiplication or elementwise multiplication of k with t and k2 wit...

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Phase shift of transfer function
Hi, As per my understanding, you want to calculate transfer function a system from its input and output. In general transfer ...

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Gaussian Grid in 2d
Hi, As per my understanding, you want custom grid lines that follow Gaussian distribution with specified mean and variance. Re...

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Eliminate the baseline wavering of this signal
Hi, Baseline wavering can be eliminated by using "polyfit()" function followed by "polyval()" function. Step1: Calculate a ...

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Change a symbol to a number
Hi, In order to assign number/value to symbols “subs()" can be used. The following code snippet is for better understanding of...

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Eliminating nested loops without repeating input combinations for equation output
Hi, Eliminating nested for loops is possible using “ndgrid()” function. Look into the following code snippet for better unders...

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USRP B210 Receiver - not possible to use application compiler
The following are two workarounds which you could try: a) Manually go through the MATLAB search path and remove the paths ...

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Please help me how to proceed with the below equation to get A's and pi's values
Inbuilt abs, angle and complex functions can be used. A= [abs (complex (0.167,0.3)); abs (complex (0.096,-0.1))] Φ= [angle (...

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