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how to do convolution without commands
% The code below is for convolution without conv command. % Idea behind it is multiplying a element of x with every element in ...

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How to Concatenate 5 differently named variables in one variable using foor loop?
a1 = 5; a2 = 10; a3 = 15; combined_row_wise = [a1,a2,a3] combined_column_wise = [a1;a2;a3]

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How to find the roots of a trigonometric equation?
syms e x t_c eqn = e.*cos(x) + t_c.*cos(x) == 0; solve(eqn,x) here gamma*L = x t_c - theta c solve(equation , varaiable...

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Find Coefficient of a Trigonometric Function
syms x f = 5.*x.^2 + 7.*x + 3 coeffs(f) Use coeffs function. Returns x^0 , x^1 .. ,x^n coeffs. Also works with sin(x) , cos...

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how can i sum X's or R's values that their nl=1?
Matlab actually takes every column as variables. In the below shown example sum gives the result as follows ,Output is 2 4 6 ...

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please help me to solve this problem.plot a message signal with 5Hz and the amplitude is 10. Then plot the carrier signal with 50Hz and the amplitude is 10. Finally, plot th
clc clear t = 0:0.01:10; subplot(3,1,1); m = sin(pi*t); %Message signal plot(t,m,'Linewidth',2,'Color','b'); subplo...

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how to find the element which is greater than or equal to its row and smaller or equal to its column in a matrix
function indices = saddle(Z) indices1 = []; %Creating a temporary matrix.. [r c] = size(Z); for i = 1:r row_sum = sum(...

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next prime number using While loops
function answer = next_prime(n) %the function recieves a scalar 'n' flag = 1; % a variable flag will act as break statement ...

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Write a function called eligible that helps the admission officer of the Graduate School decide whether the applicant is eligible for admission based on GRE scores. The function takes two positive scalars called v and q as in
function res = eligible(v,q) pass = logical(0); avg = (v+q)/2; if (avg>= 92 && v >88 && q>88) pass = logical(1); end r...

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Write a function called valid_date that takes three positive integer scalar inputs year, month, day. If these three represent a valid date, return a logical true, otherwise false. The name of the output argument is valid.
function [valid] = valid_date(year,month,day) Entered = 0; if isscalar(year) == 0 valid = logical(0); Entered = 1;...

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