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How to manually select the libstdc++ library to use to resolve a "version 'GLIBCXX_#.#.##' not found" error?
The official solution to this (notwithstanding a MathWorks staff member suggesting LD_PRELOAD), is to install a version of GCC t...

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Why function gradmag isn´t working for me?
This code, which you have copied from < my blog>, requires DIPimage to run. Get...

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mxCreateSharedDataCopy no longer supported in R2018a
Note that the new C++ interface (introduced in R2018a) has documented ways of creating shared data copies: <https://www.mathw...

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.mex File crashes when executed in rapid succession
pointer[(iField + iSensor * 11) * bufferSize + iElement] should probably be pointer[(iField + iSensor * 11) * nNoEleme...

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UTF-8 strings in MEX-files
A solution when using C++11: I found this answer on StackOverflow: It turns out C++11 ha...

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UTF-8 strings in MEX-files
This question has been asked here before, but not with any satisfying answers. Since all those answers, a new documented functio...

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Determine if using HG2
Revisiting this issue. The best method discussed here is using `graphics` version. However, you currently get a warning when ...

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Determine if using HG2
You can simply check the class of the figure handle: function tf = ishg2(fig) tf = isa(h,'matlab.ui.Figure'); or: ...

más de 9 años hace | 2

DIPimage initialise
If you downloaded DIPimage from its website, <>, you would have noticed three things: 1- The installati...

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DIPimage – What is your experience?
Dear Marco, I am the main developer of DIPimage. Thank you for the nice words. I understand hesitation among people used t...

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Unlocking answers to last Cody problem?
I've written a valid answer to the last Cody problem, but it is not even close to the best answer. I have no idea how they made ...

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[DISCONTINUED] Wish-list for MATLAB Answer sections.
I want to be able to down-vote questions and answers. I understand the current "positive reinforcement" philosophy, but sometime...

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Why do I get the same numbers in "randn" function?
All you need to do is read the documentation for the function |randn|: <> ...

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How to display images with log axes?
This is quite interesting, as it shows how MATLAB operates internally. When you do image('CData', X, 'XData', [0.1 100])...

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