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Marc Compere

Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University

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Associate professor of mechanical engineering at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University. My interests are dynamic systems and control, vehicle dynamics, hybrid and electric vehicle power systems, wireless data collection, and clean, sustainable energy systems.


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How to draw an arrow using non normalized coordinates?
Scaling to achieve arrow annotations in axes units should be built into Matlab. The utility coord2norm() handles this easily. ...

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how to zoom-out on a figure window in a script
Sometimes matlab figures have axes too tight to see the data, or to see text labels added to data points. Is there a simple comm...

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Simulink terrain query for driving?
Hello Veer, Thank you for your suggestions. I didn't really find a suitable terrain database generation or terrain query tool...

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Simulink terrain query for driving?
Does Matlab or Simulink have a way to represent a race track or driving surface or road with left- and right-side edges?

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targetupdater doesn't recognize laptop built-in or usb microSD card reader
I'm trying to write the Raspberry Pi 2 image to a freshly formatted SD card but the 'targetupdater' utility won't recognize the ...

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How can I have the To File block use the file name from a workspace variable in Simulink 6.5 (R2006b)?
Nice. Using a mask to evaluate the filename is clever. mask_example.mdl worked correctly with no modifications in R2014a. ...

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