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Midhulesh Vellanki

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Staff member on Simulink Test product. Background in automotive and autonomous vehicles

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Python, C++, C, MATLAB
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English, Telugu
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Testing Frameworks, Sensors, Deployment, Integration, and Supported Hardware, Robotics, Automotive


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Integration of MATLAB with NI VeriStand using .dll format
This previously answered question might be relvant:

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Is it possible to run the code in my computer and send the information to Arduino (Simulink)?
Hi Victor, there are several ways for doing this, depending on what you are trying to test One the most striaght forward ways...

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How to make lines at given angles?
you pretty much have it, you just need to loop over the code for generating the lines and plotting, in MATLAB plotting goes as p...

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Tune Arduino using XCP over CAN
Hello, I am trying to use Arduino MKR 1000 with CAN sheild as Dummy ECU for my testing. I want to be able to do XCP over CAN for...

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MATLAB API for web
You could use Restful api. Checkout the documentation at:

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different locations of y-axes and ylabels in subplots
You can do something like the code below. please note that Ylabel is a child of YAxis that's why the label move along with the a...

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how to maintaing the last value of a variable to be used in the next loop cycle of a simulation?
For a timeseries variable you can access data using Data property.If your variable name is `var`, use `var.Data(end)` to access ...

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Execute command on Host PC (windows) triggered by simulink real time model
This might be a little late but here is my suggestion: You stream data using matlab sdi command line interface. So you can add ...

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