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Problems with graphics in app designer
Hi Guillermo, UIAxes behaves like a conventional axes and a uicontainer at the same time for visibility purposes. It has a no...

casi 5 años hace | 0

Renderer for standalone executable.
Hi Bharath, Recent versions of MATLAB (since R2014b onwards) have 'OpenGL' as the default renderer. You do not need to identi...

alrededor de 6 años hace | 0

Matlab OpenGL 3D rendering
Copying my comment into the answer section. MATLAB converts textures to an intermediate format (RGBA of unsigned char) before...

casi 7 años hace | 1

Why does FaceAlpha affect ZData of different object?
This issue is fixed in MATLAB R2015b. <</matlabcentral/answers/uploaded_files/40685/pm.png>> The root cause of the problem...

más de 7 años hace | 2

copy legend information - 2014b
It is quite easy to copy axes and corresponding legend to a new figure. All you have to do is to use copyobj function as follows...

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