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Oren B

Ariel University Center, Faculty of Natural Science,Physics Department

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Hello, I am building MATLAB programs in my spare time, you are invited to check the programs I made, comments and suggestions are gladly accepted.

for more project go to:
Professional Interests: Image Processing,gui,.Net


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Generating multiple excel files
load patients data = table(Gender,Smoker,Height,Weight); number_exsel_file = 3 for n = 1:number_exsel_file writetable(data,...

alrededor de 2 años ago | 0

Pie chart without labels
f = figure(1); X = [1 3 0.5 2.5 2]; ax= axes('parent',f); pie(X,'parent',ax); %% get the axis text children TextChildre...

más de 2 años ago | 1


How To call callback function in winform?
i am trying to build winform in matlab i have button and i want to create callback to that button for some reason it not ca...

casi 8 años ago | 0 answers | 0