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How to export figures as pdf without truncated borders.
Update: There is a solution now since 2019a and Save As will soon behave the same. After filing a bug report (thanks Alex!)...

casi 3 años ago | 2 answers | 0



How can I get the name of a MATLAB variable as a string?
@OP: I also think this would be very useful. For other programs like R it is standard to use the variable name for the title and...

más de 3 años ago | 7


Change default of 'Output Type' in Import Data GUI to Column Vectors?
When clicking on Import Data under the Home ribbon one gets to select the file (e.g. a csv) one wants to import. Afterwards a pr...

casi 4 años ago | 0 answers | 2



Code in live script run much slow
Has this been addressed in R2018a? Didn't see anything in the release notes.

más de 4 años ago | 0

Error: Function definitions are not permitted in this context.
This is one of the main disadvantages of MATLAB notebooks over Jupyter (python) notebooks. If I can't define functions in the mi...

más de 4 años ago | 0