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How to prevent triggering 'SizeChangedFcn' callback too many times?
When I plot a figure and resize it manually (by clicking and dragging its window) I am triggering the SizeChangedFcn callback to...

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change linestyleorder like colororder (without a loop)
Sorry, I've used a for loop, but it is better then nothing :) MathWorks has changed this index behavior since MATALB R2019b. As...

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Surf plot mesh looks jagged when I set FaceAlpha
Based on Jan's answer I was able to solve the problem on my PC (Windows 10) using opengl hardwarebasic Code from https://www...

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Make lines thinner than the 0.5 setting in R2015b
I was able to "simulate" a thinner LineWidth behavior using transparency (alpha). You may have problems with rendering, since it...

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[DISCONTINUED] MATLAB Answers Wish-list #5 (and bug reports)
It would be great if there was a comment toggle shortcut, like Ctrl+; in some IDEs. Using Ctrl+R and Ctrl+T is not practical, b...

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