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Changing the name of TXT file Should do the job

más de 6 años ago | 0

"Algebraic Loop" Question
From a very quick look, you appear to be computing p2 as the dependent variable in the Simulink simulation, but you're also givi...

más de 6 años ago | 0

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What percentage of my targetdata should be 1 and What percentage should be 0?
It partially depends on whether the data / distributions are separable or overlapping. Assuming the data is separable (it p...

más de 6 años ago | 0

Calculate inverse Laplace Matlab
I presume you've tried this with 1st and 2nd order expressions and found it works correctly, but when moving to 3rd and higher, ...

más de 6 años ago | 0

Search multiple matrices for values at common index positions
As above, reformat your code to put the matrices into a single 3D matrix, something like: A(:,:,1) = [1 0; 0 1]; A(:,:,2...

más de 6 años ago | 0

is the cosh(Hyperbolic cosine) wrong
As it says in the help, cosh() operates element wise on an array, so it takes the cosh of each element separately. This seems to...

más de 6 años ago | 0

subs command does not create symbolic variable?
You've evaluated asin((2*3)/5 - 4/5)/2 which is indeed 0.2058. It's no longer symbolic?

más de 6 años ago | 0

new to mupad help
Hi, I think there are a couple of problems with the attached notebook 1) When I executed the individual commands (notebook - ...

más de 6 años ago | 0

Insert Formula in Mupad Paragraph
Sorry for the late response and may be too late to help you, but if you generate the formula inside a calculation and simply cop...

casi 7 años ago | 0


Edit or Delete MuPAD plots
Hi, I'm trying to write some MuPAD code which responds to a user input input() and would allow an existing plot to be mod...

casi 7 años ago | 0 answers | 0




MathExplorer: Learning Maths using MuPAD for Engineering Students
A set of MuPAD notebooks which allow engineering students to visualize and experiment with maths.

alrededor de 9 años ago | 5 downloads |