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Changing the name of TXT file Should do the job

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"Algebraic Loop" Question
From a very quick look, you appear to be computing p2 as the dependent variable in the Simulink simulation, but you're also givi...

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What percentage of my targetdata should be 1 and What percentage should be 0?
It partially depends on whether the data / distributions are separable or overlapping. Assuming the data is separable (it p...

casi 9 años hace | 0

Calculate inverse Laplace Matlab
I presume you've tried this with 1st and 2nd order expressions and found it works correctly, but when moving to 3rd and higher, ...

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Search multiple matrices for values at common index positions
As above, reformat your code to put the matrices into a single 3D matrix, something like: A(:,:,1) = [1 0; 0 1]; A(:,:,2...

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is the cosh(Hyperbolic cosine) wrong
As it says in the help, cosh() operates element wise on an array, so it takes the cosh of each element separately. This seems to...

casi 9 años hace | 0

subs command does not create symbolic variable?
You've evaluated asin((2*3)/5 - 4/5)/2 which is indeed 0.2058. It's no longer symbolic?

casi 9 años hace | 0

new to mupad help
Hi, I think there are a couple of problems with the attached notebook 1) When I executed the individual commands (notebook - ...

casi 9 años hace | 0

Insert Formula in Mupad Paragraph
Sorry for the late response and may be too late to help you, but if you generate the formula inside a calculation and simply cop...

alrededor de 9 años hace | 0


Edit or Delete MuPAD plots
Hi, I'm trying to write some MuPAD code which responds to a user input input() and would allow an existing plot to be mod...

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MathExplorer: Learning Maths using MuPAD for Engineering Students
A set of MuPAD notebooks which allow engineering students to visualize and experiment with maths.

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